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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finally bought a trainer-PO 32

I was getting a little frantic. I know once I start exercising the leg the gains should be more noticeable. As pedaling is the only thing I'm really allowed to do I needed either a trainer or stationary bike. So last minute I stopped by dicks sporting goods and grabbed one up. I really didn't evan except them to have any, but they did. As far as chain sports stores go, dicks beats sports authority easily in the bike department. When I first started cycling I looked around sports a. , just curious as to what they might carry. It was pathetic, you'd be better off looking at Walmart or Target for cycling stuff. Dicks does carry alot more than I originally thought they would, and some of its decent stuff. I'm talking accessories now, I don't evan look at the bikes they sell.

The trainer isn't anything fancy, $159.00 cycle ops mag. I always have a pang of guilt when I spend money on cycling stuff thats over $100. But this is for medical re-hab, right.

The kid had a soccer game so I didn't get home till 8:15. It was 9:00 by the time I finally had it set up. I only got 10 minutes on it before I had start my end of day rituals. What can I say. It works. Although I can see how its going to get boring fast. Atleast if I had bought a cheap stationary bike they come with some sort of digital display, evan if its just a timer. I'm thinking of hooking a computer up to the back tire so I can get some stats anyways (can you do that?). I do need to get a cheap slick tire. The humming from the knobby is kind of annoying.

Most of the day was crutchless and braceless. I did use them when I had to walk the field at the kids soccer game. I'll be glad when I can drop the crutch. I always show up late for the kids game, and I feel like everybodys watching me as I hobble over to the sidelines.


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gwadzilla said...

can you return the trainer?