Just 99 miles to go

Friday, May 27, 2005

More road riding. 7weeks PO

Tonight bought back the memories of what I don’t like about riding in the spring/summer.
Things I learned/pondered tonight.
-wear glasses
-think about shaving off all body hair. They like to get caught in it. I spent 5
minutes after the ride picking trapped bugs out of arm/leg hair.
-keep the mouth shout.
-the little black bugs taste better than the big gray ones.

I expaned my milage a little more tonight. 14.33 miles. I’m glad I invested in the computer that carries it over 2 decimal places. Knowing I went .33 , instead of .3 miles makes all the difference in developing my training schedule. (Insert sarcasim here).

7 weeks today on the knee, I suppose I should comment.
-I can walk normally if I focus on it. I’ve been limping for so long now I think the leg as developed muscle memory for walking with a limp.
-I can walk up stairs normally.
-I can almost walk down stairs normally.
-the major incision is still slightly swollen.
-I wear the sports brace while cycling and yard work.


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