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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Maybe the PT knows what shes doing day 46

I’ve been having twinges when I plant my foot a certain way. The kind of twinges that cause the knee to buckle. Its been making it hard to get on and off the bike. It seemed to happen when I put weight onto the front part of my foot. Its bad enought where I make sure I’ve got a hold onto something while going down stairs.

I mentioned it to the doc last week. He said that scar tissue is in there breaking up which will do cause the knee to do a lot of funny things while its healing.

Ok, I’ll settle for that. So I’ve just been working throught the pain while walking and exercising.

Today I had PT. The last thing she has me do before going, is to take long strides across the room , forward and backwards (I think backward just so she can look at my biker butt).

I do that fine. I’ve learned if I plant my weight on the heel when walking the giving out can be avoided. But as I make a turn …..bam. The knee gives out and I buckle. She asks me about it and I tell her. It hurts , here. It only gives out when blah,blah,blah.

She thinks it because of a tight muscle (all my muscles are tight, whats your point?) I think shes crazy. Being a weekend warrior for so long I’ve come up against all sorts of muscle problems. None which felt like this or made the knee give away.

She has me lie on my side on a table. Then bends my leg back and cranks down at the same time. No pain or anything , I can just feel the normal knee-dont-wanna-go-there tension. I’m thinking "This isn’t doing a damn thing".

After 3 minutes she has me get up and walk a little.


The twinging is all but about gone.

The leg felt great. Christ , I should have bought it up to her last week.

Now they’re going to make sure the first thing they do when I come in is to do the stretchy thing. Its the type of movement where you need someone to do it for you.

The twinging did start to come back about 9:30 this evening. I think I’ll start to stretch what I can at home.

No riding tonight. It rained all day into the night.
Maybe tomorrow


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Your Name Here said...

It's cool when you figure out something like that. It sounds like you've got a good PT. They can make all the difference.

Keep up the good work, Tommy.