Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Broke 10 miles. Day 47 PO

I didn’t just break the 10 mile mark. I smashed the shit outta it.

Well Ok, maybe thats exaggerating at 11.02 miles but it is higher than 10.
That was tonights road ride. Riding mostly in the big ring. The legs are getting more and more strength back each day.
I’m not taxing the cardio system at all yet.
Tonight I had to venture across the main highway to get it past 8 miles.
That was a little daughnting. I’m not sprinting anywhere yet so I had to wait for BIG breaks in traffice before I could cross.

For those that need a refresher, I’m in So. Md. Bicyclists aren’t common like NOVA or DC. I guess I make quite the freakshow for people in there front yards. Big guy riding by on a little bike (its not really small I just make it look it,the 26" is my ride for now), with a cyborg like brace on one leg.

Damn I get a lot of looks. (Might be that biker butt again).

Did I mention we got a lot of dogs down here. Now that its light while I’m road riding I can see them.
These aren’t small dogs either. Thats ok. Its not the big ones that cause problems. Its those small yippy bastards that get caught in the spokes.

Retired to the basement afterwards for some PT exercises and some chest building,

The goal is to add a little bit each night. As the leg stands, it tends to "hit the wall’ suddenly without warning.
I’d never hear the end of it if I were 10 miles from the house and had to call Judy to come get me cause I’m tired.



Wayne said...

Hi Tommy,
Glad to see you're getting things together. Don't rush it Bro. Slow and steady wins the race. My back seems to be nearing 100% agai, so when you're ready to start a little laid back single track, let me know. I have a place in Annapolis that would be a great place to start that off. If you'd like company on a road ride sometime, let me know. With the rain mucking the trails this week, I've been pretty much working out at home, but I'll do a Patapsco ride today. Talk to you soon,


Tom said...

Thanks Wayne , I'll keep it in mind. After I can manage my way around Cedarville once i'll force myself on others.