Just 99 miles to go

Friday, May 27, 2005

I just show up when I want too. Day 48 PO

I had a PT appt. yesterday morning. Or so I thought. I guess all these things are starting to run togather.
I’m sitting there waiting till 9:00 , when the appt is supposed be. The receptionist says" Mr. Garrison, your appt. is supposed to be on Friday". Huh?

Sure enough, the card in my wallet says Friday. And not evan 9:00, at 8:30.
These damn appt are just turning into one big blur. They were cool and went ahead and took me.

After Wednesday nights marathon I didn’t evan feel like being there.
Went ahead and busted butt like I always do. I always do more than they tell. If they say 3 sets of 25, I do 35.
I went up also on the stationary bike tension.

Went into work and was ragged out all day.

Got home tired, knee swollen, and limping. Decided I should R&R for an hour with some ice before I try to hit the road on the bike.

Needless to say the hour turned into 1-1/2, then 2, then it was too late to ride.

Ok, I’ll lift for a while in the basement.

Nope, that didn’t happen either. I think I actually dozed off a few minutes.

Woke up Friday morning feeling pretty good. No limping, no pain. Actually felt strong.

I gotta learn to take my own advice that I tell people. The body needs rest after working out.

11 road miles sure doesn’t sound like much though.


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