Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 23, 2005

Rolling along Day 45 Po

Yeah, this day by day posting is going real good.

Did some yard work Saturday wearing the brace. Used the "manly" weedeater .
After that got another road ride in. Yeah boy. Got 5-3/4 mile. Alot of the tinging that made getting on and off the bike the first day has subsided. Kept the gearing low on everything. Just spun.

Sunday got more yard work in. I must of overdid it, went inside to rest up before another RR. Needless to say the RR didn't happen after sitting on my butt. Got to the basement that night and worked on the exercises they're giving me at PT. They told me last time to "try" to not limp. I've been working on walking and planting with the heel.

Monday evening got another RR in. 8.8 miles. Yeah boy. I rode in larger rings tonite and actually gave the muscles some workout. The muscles are actually feeling good and strong tonite.

This is making me think about leg strengthening exercises as a permanent addition to my regular weight lifting. I thought the cycling alone would give me the leg strength I wanted but it didn't seem to help that much.

Tomorrow I'll go for 10+ miles.


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