Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

6 week checkup- Day 40

Whoopee. Damn doc finally cleared me to get rid of the crutches. Since I more or less dropped them a week ago it doesn’t mean a whole helluva lot. I still have to keep the brace on but I don’t really mind that.
I had a PT appt afterward . Same crap as last time though. I asked them about more exercises. She said my leg was still shaking while doing some extension exercises so the muscles aren’t strong enough to do some fun stuff.

What this does mean is that tonight I’m going home and am going to take the bike off the trainer. Evan if its only a 1/4 mile I’m going for a road ride dammit. I don’t know why I bought that trainer, thats gotta be the most boring in the world. How the hell do yall train with that in the winter. I can see I’m gonna have to set it up with a tv and dvd player.

I’ll post up tonight and tell ya how I fell off screwed up the other knee.



gwadzilla said...

I am trying to stay positive about mt PT
trying to take my doctor ant PT therapists instructions
only I can fix this finger
only I can rebuild this fingers strength
only I can regain this fingers mobility

gwadzilla said...

did all that crutch work make your arms stronger?

how about those lats?

Tom said...

You know what. I was expecting the triceps to get bigger but it didn't happen. A little more definition, but I didn't notice any strength gains.