Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, May 19, 2005

On the road again. Ha.

As per my previous post. Got home last night, took the bike off the trainer and rode.
It wasn’t pretty.
It didn’t feel natural.
My butt hurt afterwards.

I started by going up and down the driveway and around the yard.

The hardest and dangerous part of riding is stopping. I’m having twinges in the knee when I plant the foot a certain way so when I place it for stopping I need to be careful as shit. I’m about trackstranding before I put my foot down.

On a side note, theres nothing like having an 8 year old thats a natural born tattle tale. As soon as she saw me going down the driveway shes running into the house screaming"Mommy, daddys on his bike". Ha, mommy was preoccupied with a new comforter from linen’s and things. She could care less.

So my first trip since 2 days before surgery came out to 4 1/2 miles of road.

I can’t really use the leg as a shock absorber yet, my butt stayed planted the whole time, but the actual pedaling is no problem.

Watch out, the gains are going start happening big time now.



gwadzilla said...

tomorrow I may be bad...
being predemitated makes it real bad
tomorrow is Bike to Work Day
I have to ride my bike to work
more than that
i need to stand and be counted

for you it is a question of repair and recovery
for me it is more a matter of worst case scenario
basicallt leaving me with one brake
and pretty much just guiding with the othe hand
for me it is about what if
and worst case scenario

we both need to be careful

Tom said...

Alright man, you haven't posted up details about your injury. Is your hand in a full cast, whats the prognosis as far as when you'll be braking? What kind of PT are you doing?

David said...

Tommy, you better watch out for that comforter, My first wife bought one and left a month later. Take it easy bud I want to be able to ride with soon. So don't f*** up and get yourself hurt. D

Your Name Here said...

Keep up the good work, Tommy. It sounds like you're making some progress.