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Friday, April 01, 2005

Wakefield-Last group ride for a while?

8 days till knee surgery. The forcasted rain never materialized.

With the above mentioned factors, I had to make my way to Wakefield for the night ride. This was my first time on the new trails. Jeeezus, could we make them any tighter. They are nice but this is the type of place I'd enjoy more after I became a little more familiar with them, or maybe during the day. Is is just me that needs to duck to clear alot of branches?

I was feeling out of it anyways. My bike shorts were still wet from an earlier hosing so I decided to just go in my work jeans. OOOHHH!!!. I'm not gonna do that again. They got soggier and baggier as the night wore on. I finally figured where the weight I'm losing is coming from. My head. All night my helmet was flopping around on my head, that made my light do the same thing. I was riding behind a girl, Jill from IMBA most of the night. She had to be wondering what I hell I was doing with my light, half the time it was pointed up into the trees.
This just didn't feel like a good bike night. The only redeeming factor I came out with was no crashes, which for me, means the night was a success. If I had this ride 3 months ago I would have had 6 major crashes.

I couldn't figure why more people didn't show up for the ride. The temperture was up pretty good and the trails were in good shape. I guess there was something good on TV I missed.

This might be my last MORE group ride for a few months. I'm not sure what the schedule on rides is gonna be like with daylight saving time starting Sunday.


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Your Name Here said...

I really noticed the tightness of the trails at Wakefield last night too. I was pretty tired by the time we got started and I wasn't 100% on. I felt a little better as we went on. I'm half happy that they removed the logs on the down side of the loop (going clockwise). They were okay going down, but going up they were pretty dang tough.

Take care, Tommy. We'll miss riding with you. You'll be back soon enough.