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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday 4/4/05

So as everyone knows the weekend was crap. Originally I was gonna take my b in law to Cedarville on Sunday, evan if we got rain. I didn't realize we were getting so much freak'n rain. No riding over the weekend. Not evan a road ride.

I did get a gravel road/trail ride in at Cedarville tonight. Going there with the intention of riding the trails but they were still covered with water, alot of water. This place doesn't drain worth shit. Got about 12 miles in. Beautiful ride though. With daylight saving I showed up there around 6:15 and rode till 7:30 and still had daylight. Warm, sunny, and the bugs haven't showed up yet.

I'll have to try to pack as many rides in as I can by Friday.

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