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Monday, April 04, 2005

Pre-op Dr. Appt.-T-4 Days (Knee Content)

I had my pre surgery checkup appointment with my surgeon today. I had made a list of questions up to ask him about but ended up leaving them in the truck. What I did learn
-he'll be doing a hamstring graft (takes part of my hamstring and puts it where the ACL was)
-he won't give me a good painkiller that I read about on Bobs ACL board, dilidium? He said it was prescribed mostly for cancer patients. Just percocet. That stuff only seems good at making me sleep.

While I was there they took my BP and listened to my chest. Just cause he thought I had nothing better to do today (butthead), he wanted me to get some bloodwork done, chest xray, and a EKG. WHAT THE FUCK has this got to day with knee surgery. He says they get chest xrays from people that smoke. IF I had lung cancer , I sure as hell wouldn't want to know about it now and how would that effect the damn knee.

Ended up getting the bloodwork and chest xray done, the EKG will have to wait, maybe indefinately if I don't have the time.

He gave me a prescription for physical therapy, and told me to call and arrange an appt for the Monday after Fridays surgery. I've used the same PT before for a arm injury. So I call the office I used before and they tell me they won't have anything avaliable until after the 18th. Call another one of their offices thats half way close to my work. Same story. Well crap. Call back to surgeons office and ask them what to do. They give me the number of another PT , I call them and get the same story. Finally in desperation I call the "southern" office of the first PT. They're 1/2 hour south of my house which doesn't make going to PT than to work very convienant. Of course they have plenty of openings and can see me.

And I'm going to have to rely on the wife to get me there until I can practice driving with my left leg.
So far I've got
-monday-9:00 with PT
-tuesday-8:30 with my knee brace fabricator
thursday- ? with surgeon to check the knee.

And Thursday is the wifes birthday.

Yes, I'm getting flustered.

And I'm still not sure how long it'll be before I'm off crutches or before I'll be able to drive.

The arm injury was alot more conveniant. I couldn't write but I sure as hell could drive.

Screw all this.
Lets go ride.


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