Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Day 8- Forced Rest

I wanna get the swelling under control so I told myself I wasn't going to go anywhere today and try to stay off my feet. My 8 year old had a soccer game and I came real close to going but then decided against it. I knew after sitting in a fold up for 1/2 hour I'd be miserable, plus the wife could use the break from me.
It wasn't bad in the morning, I wasn't feeling great so being a couch potatoe worked. By afternoon I was feeling better and started to go stir crazy. Usually when on the meds I get that period where I'll sleep for an hour. Today I was off the meds until 8:20. I crutched my way down the driveway and back. Whew! I thought these guns of mine could handle crutching easily but its not that easy.

I did find out that one of the guys on the ACL message board in also a MTB'r and has a blog. Pretty cool, another blog that mixes the 2 subjects I'm interested in right now.

Tomowrow I think I'll go into the office a little while and take care of a little paperwork, if not for anything else just to get out.It's driving me crazy reading about the rides that are going on without me. Sounded like a good one today at a place called Hoyle Mill. Alot of milage and not overly technical.

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