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Friday, April 15, 2005

1 week -4/15

So the one week anniversary. I really feel like crap. Those 120 reps of calf raises came back to haunt me. Burn like a bitch. And from all the running around I did yesterday the leg is swollen and I'm tired.
I drop the kids off and go into work although I really don't want to. I get a bid out that was due today and check to make sure some of the guys aren't having problems with a job. Everythings fine, good , I go home.
I've been eating like shit lately. I've really had urges for chips. I usually snack a little on low fat pretzels but lately its been those new dark cooked potatoe chips. So not only am I not getting exercise I'm eating crap. I'm gonna be a porker if things don't start getting better. Everything thing is a hassle, sitting down, standing, going to he bathroom, getting in the truck, getting outta the truck etc. I've read that your outlook does get bad by the 4th and 5th day and its hitting me.
I don't think I've mentioned the bruising. As MtB'rs we've all gotten doozies. They are NOTHING compared to what has formed in the past 3 days. Half of my upper leg in covered in a dark ass purple one. I gotta get pictures of it before they fade. I also have a good one on my foot. Can't figure why but from what I hear its nothing to worry about.
Another weekend approaching, but I have no huge plans. As a matter of fact I've gotta stay off my feet so hopefully I can get this swelling to go down. Damn good excuse not to do trailwork.

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