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Thursday, April 14, 2005

april 14 day 6 post op wifes birthday

I dropped the kids off for the first time since surgery. Its usually my job anyways but the wifes been picking up and dropping off since the event. They think its a game. Watch daddy try to do stuff. I drop them off and go into work. Since the doc's lecture yesterday I'm using both crutches. I don't wanna chance injuring the repair because I was too stubborn to go on 2 crutches for 10 days. I learned my lesson from Tuesday and left at 2:00 to avoid traffic and I wanted to get some things for the wifes birthday. It worked.
The wife has been taking excellent care of me and doing all the household stuff. I wanted to atleast not have her work on her birthday. I drove to her favorite Chinese restaurant and picked her up some dinner. Being on 2 crutches makes it about impossible to carry stuff. I've gotten good at carrying things in my mouth, and I've been wearing a pair of cargo shorts with huge pockets. I can carry a 20oz soda, the phone, and a remote control in one pocket.
I wanna go to the grocery store to get her a cake, this is beyond my abilities. So I wanna pick up my 12 year old from school and have her help me. But I'm having a guilt trip about the 8 year old. She's still psyched about birthdays and it wouldn't go over good with her to know her sister helped get mommy's birthday stuff and she didn't. I end up picking up both of them and going to the store. We got cake and other items then head home. Last minute decision I stop at the cheesy "family dollar" dept store so the girls can get mommy a present. I sit in the parking lot and send them in with 5 dollars each.
We beat the wife home by an hour, I suprvise the straightening up of the kitchen then plop my butt on the couch. I way overdid it. The legs swelled up huge and feeling like crap. I finally popped some percocet and I was done for the night. I was happy that I could do something for her, although she still had to bring me cake and ice cream on the couch.

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