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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Day 5 post- 1st OS appt

First, last night I made my way to the basement and tried to lift some weights. I wanted to do some benching but I fatigued real quickly. I still have my strength, but after 3 sets I was done.

Today I had 2nd PT appt. at 12:00 and the 1st OS appt since surgery.

In PT I'm doing things mainly to increase the range of motion. Today I got to lie on my back and put my feet on a large rubber ball. Then I would roll the ball back towards my butt and far as possible. Next was the horizontal leg press. No real resistance, just enough to help push the leg. Then on the same machine I lowered the legs and worked the quads? The muscle above the foot and below the knee in the back. I think they forgot about me so i just sat there doing reps. I think I got to about 120 reps before he came back. Measured my flexion next, last time I only had 64 degrees, today I got to 96 degrees. Last exercise, I actually got to get on a stationary bike. The good leg did all the work. I was only supposed to try to do a full revolution. At first it was a no go, so I did slow back and forth arcs. After about 5 minutes, YES I finally was able to get a revolution in. I ended up the PT with the electrical pulses and icing again. That feels nice. The leg is still more swollen than it should.

The therapist is pretty cool and laid back, unlike my doctor. Which you'll find about in a minute. He knew I was going straight over to see my OS. He picks my brace up and starts to put it on, I tell him not to bother as I drove myself there and would need to take it off before I could get into the truck. He told me I had better put it on before I went into the OS. I agreed.

I get to the office, strap on the brace and start to take one crutch only. Change my mind and grab both of them. Although I've been using only 1 for alot of things, I can cover ground quicker with 2. I get called back and decide to leave 1 in the wainting room. That was a mistake. The doc sees me walking in and starts to give me a big ass lecture. This SOB must go on for 5 minutes telling me about his written instructions and blah, blah, blah.
He has them take x-rays of the leg, which at the time scared me a little cause now I'm thinking he must really think I could have screwed the repair up. I've found out since then that this is standard procedure for a lot of docs.

So as it stands, I have to use the crutches atleast till I see him next Wednesday, and he still wants me to wear this irratating pressure stocking which is supposed to prevents blog clots.

Drove home , took some percocet and crashed on the couch rest of the evening.

I'm getting real tired of watching tv.


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