Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


My wife found this blog. She knew I was doing it but never showed an interest in it.
Last night she informed be that she just read through the last couple of weeks.
I have been writing , uninhibited. From one biker to another, or one knee patient to another.
Now I have to assume "big momma" is watching.

I now how to go over every entry since I started and make sure I didn't put anything bad in about her.

I feel so violated.



Your Name Here said...

I think I've read it all over the last month or two. I don't think you've said anything that'll get you into trouble. You've been pretty good.

My wife doesn't bother to read my blog. She hears all my weirdness day in and day out without having to read about it.


superfrenchie said...

But at least she does not know about our bike rides with the busty blondes or the time we went to the strip joint after the ride...


David said...

My wife thought the 10 or 15 posts of mine were wierd. But the last 3 or 4 were par for the course. Just a word of advice Don't talk about the size of your wife's butt and you will be o.k.!

Tom said...

You think she would trust the word of a man who cant evan spell Dennis corrctly.

Well now that we're talking butts...