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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Day uh, oh yeah 4 post op. I drove.

I'm not telling my doc. He would probly ream me and MAKE me use the suppository but I actually drove today. I shouldn't have, so anybody reading this while going through surgery don't do as I do , do as I say. After my attempt yesterday at getting in the truck and using the left leg for driving I had my doubts that I'd be driving today. But then last night as I'm bloggin with the immobilizer off, I realize that I've got my bad leg angled more than I normally do when driving. HEY!, if I can actually get into the truck and get the leg in position I think I can make something work.

I wait for the wife to leave for work and I'm outside trying. I take the immobilizer off, and using my crutch I scoot in, back first into the middle of truck. Once there I pick the bad leg up with my hands and place the foot over the gas pedal, then shift all the way onto the seat. Oh yeah. This is gonna work. The only sticking point is using the left foot for the brake. The bad leg will not be able to pivot onto the brake. Its about 9:00 so rush hour is over and I do live in a rural area so I go for a test drive. It went good. I had practiced braking with the left foot the week before surgery. While it was doable, it wasn't very smooth. I think because I've been favoring the left lately, I seemed to have more control with it. No problem.

I get back from the test drive, load up my supplies and go into work for a while. It was well after rush hour so the drive in was a breeze. The drive home was harder. The only discomfort came when I wasn't pushing the gas. I didn't like traffic lights. I left at what I thought was before rush hour, about 3:00. I normally don't get away from work unless I'm going on a ride before 5:30 so I assumed at 3:00 traffic hasn't gotten bad yet. WRONG. Traffic was worse at 3:00 than it normally is at 5:30. That stop and go traffic was killing me. I did make it home and then partook in my newest passion. Couch napping.

Disclaimer- I had no pain killers during the day until I was safely home. I learned during recovery from my last surgery. Don't take painkillers if your going to drive. They bring on a drowsiness thats really quick and unexpected. You feel fine and alert one second and the next your eyes are trying to close.

Stay tuned for tomowrows entry, 1st appt with surgeon since surgery.

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