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Friday, April 22, 2005

Another pt appt, day 13 Post op

Pt. Appt at 9:00 am. I got thrown on the stationary bike again first thing. I got it spinning pretty quickly today. I’m sitting there pretty proud of my self then one of the therapist came over and made me move the seat forward making a complete revolution harder. Bitch. No problem, a few minutes later I was spinning away again and moved the seat forward 2 more settings by the time I had finished.
I’m still on the lame exercises just trying to improve my range of motion. Until the next doc appt in almost 2 weeks this is all it will be. The flexion is up to 116 degrees from 105.
I’m looking for a better way to ice the knee down so I ask the Pt if there they know of any local medical supply places where I could buy a decent size cold packs. I’ve been using these small ice packs at home and they just arent getting the job done. She says she can give me 1 of the kind that they use there. I’m a little leary at first because I’m not sure what she means by give. Give, as in free, or give as in put it on my bill. I don’t mind paying for it, but I can just imagine what kind of markup they put on stuff. Ya know, kinda the way a hospital would charge ya $5.00 for a couple of asprin. She meant free though. And it was brand new in the box. I guess I can forgive her for making me move the stationary bike seat up. Its nice. Big enough to go 3/4 around the knee, and it has the gel that doesn’t freeze.
They only want to see me once next week since I’m on hold until the doc releases me for more exercises.
I went to the kids soccer game at 7:00. I ended up standing 1/2 of the game. The crutches make a nice lean on. Walking back to the vehicle with the family after the game I had to stop once and take a rest. Christ this shits turning me into an old man.

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