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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2nd Os appt.,that SOB-Day 12 PO

So a small recap. 1st doc appt. he reamed my ass for leaving 1 of my crutches in the waiting room. Since, I’ve been on 2 crutches religously. I go in this morning thinking he’s going to tell me I can get rid of them. No. The bastard tells me I still have to use both of them and doesn’t want to see more for another 2 weeks. This is particularly frustrating because I know that others who have had the same procedure are getting off crutches at 2 weeks. Basically I’m going to be on hold until my next appt. with him. I better find another subject to blog about or it’s going to get pretty lame.

He took another set of xrays and removed the staples from my incisions. I also put my permanent brace on there in his office. Although its tight and won’t seat down all the way he told me to go ahead and wear it as it’ll help the swelling go down. I gotta admit I do like the brace and once the swelling goes down it should be pretty comfortable. I think I’ll be wearing it for 6 months while doing questionable activities. Atleast I got mine all black so it looks a little like armor that we wear while biking technical stuff.

This evening I made my way to the basement and got in a half decent work out. Did some benching on the universal, seated dumbell curls, and some seated overhead presses. Basically everythings going to be seated for a while. Its surprised me at how much the legs are used to stabilize evan seated exercises. I had to find grab spots while doing the dumbell exercises. If I’m going to be limping around with a brace atleast the top half is going to look good. This is tank top weather after all. On that, my auto thermometer sayed it was 91 degrees todays in Glen Burnie. Thats a little too warm for me but things are going to start cooling off tomowrow.

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