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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Permanent Brace- Day 11 PO

Picked up my supposedly $2700.00 knee brace today from the brace person (prosteithist?). That’s what they are charging me 10% of anyways. I havent found out what the insurance co is going to get billed for it. I wonder if I have recourse to only pay what the insurance co negotiates them down too? As I thought the leg was too swollen to wear it. The good new is that with every $2700.00 brace you buy , they give you a little duffle bag like brace-bag for FREE-FREE-FREE. (Are you catching the sarcasm).

Went to work afterwards. I believe this is the first day since surgery that I’ve really felt like myself. I was evan yelling at some of the guys. So, did I feel like my old self, then yelled. Or did the yelling cause me to feel like my old self. Hmmmmmm. I do know each day I’m taking less and less percocets. Yesterday I only had one before I went to bed. Taking advice I’ve read , I’ve been popping ibruprofens. They seem to really help with none of the side effects of percocets. (So what if my liver gives out, or is it stomach bleeding they cause?).
It got pretty warm today, high 80’s. Damn near summer like except the bugs have yet to come out in full force.
Tomowrow I see the OS for 2nd time.

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