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Sunday, April 10, 2005

2nd day post op

This will be post dated. As it took the first 2 days after surgery to get the first day written up. So this is from memory.

Woke up feeling pretty damn good. I thought about going off of the percocets but from what i'd heard i'd better wait. The wife had something she had to go to, an event for one of the kid's many activities. The 12 year stayed home with daddy and played gopher. I was up more than i should have been. It was a beautiful day outside and I was just thinking about how nice being on the trails would have been. So I kept getting up and just going outside and standing there. I think I was worrying the daughter. She thought daddy was wierd for standing outside watching the trees.

Pain started showing up more in the afternoon. Probly from all the moving I was doing. I was glad i kept up the painkillers. When I wasn't outside I was on the couch watching tv. It was hard trying to get to the computer to "surf". Getting up and down from a sitting position is a major undertaking.

I finally did watch the movie "Supersize Me". I was always curious as to what this movie was about, but it's not one of those things you waste a weekend night on. It made a good filler for a Sat. afternoon though.

I took the leg immobilizer off Sat evening to move the knee a little. I know the quicker I can bend it, the quicker I could atleast get into a car. That didn't go good. I got it back to probly only 15 degrees and that hurt like a mutha. Its probly all the bandages that are wrapped around it.

Made it up the stairs to bed again, although it was harder than the first night.

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Steve L said...

Hang in there Tommy. Hope recovery goes well. Keep up the good words.