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Saturday, April 09, 2005

surgery day part III and final

Its actual Sunday night now and has been 2 days since surgery so I'm trying to remember all this from memory.

We stop by to get the prescriptions filled on the way home. 3 in total. Percocet (for the pain), an antibiotic, and a third to help with nausea. The nurse informed us that one for nausea was a suppository. I told the wife not to evan bother getting that one filled. I would have to be feeling real bad to take that, and I was feeling pretty good. She said "We'll get it ,in case"

The wife takes me home and gets me settled before going to pick our youngest kid up from school and to pick the prescriptions up. I had heard horror stories of trying to use stairs with crutches, but I had very few problems. Slow and steady. No problems.

The wife gets back and the drugstore had shorted us 1 of the prescriptions. YES! It was the suppository.

I'm on my butt rest of the evening with the leg elevated taking pain killers every 4 hours. I'd heard it was best to take them evan if you didn't feel like you needed them. I'm supposed to keep the knee iced but the bandages on it are so thick that none of the cold from the ice seems to be able to permetate through to the actual skin. I'm really feeling half way descent. Alot different from the last surgery I had where I couldn't sleep at all because of the pain.

I evan made it up the stairs and slept in our king size bed.

Finally, thats it for surgery day. I wanted to get this all down for others who go through this. Reading other blogs about the surgery helped me know what to expect.

See yall


David said...

Tommy I tought you would be a suppository kinda of guy. I tried make my blog a little more interesting for you. So you can have something to read while dreaming of our next insertion.

Tom said...

I remember what I liked about riding with you now. It was watching you wreck.

I'm real curious as to how the race planning is coming along.


Your Name Here said...

You need to get the suppositories. Don't use them. Just laugh at the funny graphic they use to tell people not to eat the dang things.


Hang in there, Tommy. Thanks for posting this stuff up. It is good to stay in touch. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I've had a few issues myself. My ribs are still killing me, though they're better at times.

Talk to you soon.


Tom said...

David, I think you have an unhealthy pre occupation with topless women.....uh, I guess we all do.

What happened to the ribs Pete? Is this from the Wakefield crash with Gaz?

Your Name Here said...

Yeah. It isn't a good thing either. They can't seem to find out what is wrong with them. They're suspecting 2 broken, one cracked. I had an MRI yesterday, they couldn't tell anything... It mostly showed them that my spine is just fine and dandy (which was a worry). I go in for a catscan and/or CT on Friday. I feel much better now. I'm letting Joe lead the Wakefeild ride on Thursday just to be safe. We'll see what comes out of that. My guess is that everyone will love riding with Joe so much that they won't want me back . Hahahhahaa

Talk to you later.