Just 99 miles to go

Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend and panic is setting in.

I did manage to get a ride in at Cedarville on Saturday for about an hour. This place is going to get old fast. I'm concentrating on just improving the muscles in the legs. So I kept the pace down and the reistance high. Hey, I'm a natural masher anyway. Nothing tires me more quickly than spinning.

As for the panic, thats my wife , not me. She's come to the realization that I'll have a good excuse in a few weeks for not attending to the "honeydo" list. So in a reasoning that only comes from too much estrogen and not enough testosterone. She's decided I need to get the list finished NOW. I've been able to put off most of those items for 6 months but now its an emergency. If I don't get that last coat of paint on the crown molding before I have surgery she's going to die. If I don't get the leaves that have been lying around since last fall up now, the house is going to catch fire and our lovely children will be homeless. ETC,ETC,ETC.

As it is now, Saturday after Cedarville I had to make sure there was no evidence of a bike ride on me. No helmet hair, no dried sweat, and no dried mud. I've got an easy out though. If it gets too bad I just start exaggerating my limp and look pathetic. She falls for it everytime.


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