Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Road Ride Tuesday 3/22

I knew rain would be coming Wed. so I had to do something. Went for a road ride and just had fun. Now that I'm not training for anything I decided to just cruise around a little and enjoy being on the bike. Although it was only in the mid 40's the crickets are out doing the chirping thing. Nothing reminds me more of summer than hearing the crickets chirp. I love that. Tonight the dogs didn't evan annoy me. Now that I wasn't in a hurry to get milage in I played with them a little. They'd charge towards me and I'd shine my light at them and they'd back off, I'd ride a few feet and they would charge, and I would shine.

Ended up with only 11 miles but it was enjoyable. I told the wife if I wasn't home by 9:15 to come look for me and it was getting close to that so I had to quit. Next time I'll tell her 10:00.

I gotta find some road tires for the 29er before I go under the knife. I think I'll be able to do RR's not long after surgery and last nights did show me how annoying the constant vibrations and noise of the knobbies can be on asphalt.

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