Just 99 miles to go

Friday, March 18, 2005

Knees and work, work, work.

I had parts come in for a large job at work so all week I've been busy with getting that installed. I got presumptuous Thursday and bought the bike in with me. I thought I could go ahead and get a ride in at Wakefield. Between getting back a little later and busting butt all day I just couldn't do it. Its a bank remodeling job and they've closed the lobby up while some of the work is getting done so the pressure to get this thing done quickly is on.

With the amount of physical labor I've been doing at work this week I'm starting to notice the knee doesn't want to hold up well. No more jumping down off of ladders, and kneeling down is a major undertaking. I've been researching the injury (torn ACL) on the internet and it seems its a common thing. I've found a message board dedicated strictly to it and blogs where people have documented their recovery. I know, boring to most people but its helping me know what to expect. I'm going to start a seperate blog on my journey through the whole process so not as to bore my biking buddies with all this knee crap. I got a feeling its gonna be occupying a whole lot of my time starting in a few weeks. Actually its starting now. I'm already skipping out on a ride this weekend cause I don't wanna hold the guys back. I gotta watch anything thats the least bit technical. If I twist the knee now with the ligament gone I can easily do permanent damage to it.

If anybody cares I'll try to put a link to it in my so far "huge" links section. I think I'll call it "Gorilla with a bad knee".

Remember , Daylight savings starts April 3. 2 weeks and counting.

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