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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This is why I started a blog.

Once again weathermen of the DC area are proven to be total idiots. I'm so tired of this crap. Why don't they just come out and say "we could get this or we could get that, we don't know". In a nutshell, Sunday night I go to bed with a forcast of 4-6" of snow possibly more with the snow starting before dawn. I wake up, no snow. Weathermen are still staying, oh, its coming and its still gonna be big. Well it did snow, I'll give them that. I got all of 1" and it caused no problems on the road what so ever. OK, the rant is over.

So what to do tonight. I really don't feel like lifting weights. To tell the truth I'm beginning to wonder about the whole idea of me lifing to improve my cycling. Well, except for leg workouts which is out for a while. I can see how its advantageous to the average MTBer but I've been lifting for years and am pretty sure the upper body doesn't need anymore work. I think I'd be better off doing some Calistenic(?) type workouts (push ups, sit ups) rather than pushing the iron.

So still the question. What to do tonight? I've got a blog and need to put something down or I'll be known as the slacker with the blog. Oooh, I could lie.
Monday 2/28
Suited up in the winter gear and got in a 25 mile RR, although it was
sleeting/snowing/hailing. Found a route which was all hills on the way out and the
way back. Total ride time 45 minutes.
Nah. I'd end up on a group ride again eventually and I'd rather be know as a slacker rather than a liar.

So the truth. Looked back to some of my old martial arts classes. Did a circuit of bag punching, push ups, sits, ups, and some modified kicks. My main objective is to get the heartrate up. I miss the workouts where I feel like I'm going to barf afterwards. Thats right a real workout, none of this panty ass, new age, "it doesn't have to hurt", BS. Ok, I didn't go that extreme but I know I probaly hit my max HR, and when I run into a psychotic cookie killing lunatic on the trails, I'll be ready. (Inside joke).

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