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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Surgerys set up.

So I get home last night and tell the wife about the doctors office wanting to set up surgery for the 8th of April. I'd more or less decided that it would be fine for me. I should have the jobs out of the way that I'm in the middle of now. She says that would probaly mean I'd still be layed up for her birthday which is on the 14th. How about the week after? I have a pretty good idea that my doc does most of his surgerys on Fridays so that would be the 15th. A quick look at her planner shows her having a doctors appt. on the 15th. Well I'm starting to get a little ticked now. I'm trying to figure if I could just drive myself there and she could meet me there later. I ask her what time her appt. is. She doesn't know. She'll have to call the doctors in the morning to find out.

So I'm checking out MORE's site this morning and there's gonna be a ride at Lodi Farms on the 9th. I've heard that this place is rolling/smooth. Sorta like Rosaryville. Hey I could handle that. It must be a sign. Don't do the surgery on the 8th. Put it off and go to Lodi. Cool . Sounds like a plan.

Then the wife calls and has had a change of heart. She wants me to go ahead and get it done on the 8th. Damn, there goes Lodi.

So its all been set up now. Surgery on the 8th and a pre surgery check up on the 4th. If I'm lucky I'll have high blood pressure or something and the doc will want to put it off.

I doubt it.

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