Just 99 miles to go

Friday, March 04, 2005

Not much happening

Alright ya caught me. No activity for Wednesday night. Got home around 8:30 and vegged.

Tonight it was some more weight lifting and stretching. I also took the clipless pedals off the bike and put the flats on. There is no reason they had to be installed that tightly. I thought I was gonna break the cranks trying to get them off. I evan got on the Park tool website to make sure I was turning them the right way. I'm not gonna keep them on for trail rides but I think it'll make me want to hop on the bike quicker for short little RR's around the neighborhood if I don't need to worry about shoes and my bike shoes suck in cold weather. I admitted to myself last week at Cedarville that I would have rode more but my feet were numb. The actual cold doesn't bother me but the feeling of not being joined to the bike makes it un-enjoyable.

I was playing in the yard with the flats on the bike feeling the differences without clipless. I forgot I was using flats for a minutes and went to do a bike-hop. I threw myself right over the handles bars. Self induced endo. Oh yeah, flats are nice.

The local So.Md. radio station played a skit song this morning about living in St. Mary's county. My favorite line
It doesn't matter where you're from
As long as it's from here.

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