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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Evan more on the 29".

Finally took the 29er to a trail that I'd been to before that tested me. This was Greenbriar in Northern Md. More on the ride later I just wanted to get this down about the 29".

One of the many advantage's of the big wheels is suppossed to be its stability. Today that was tested. The final part of the Greenbriar trails are a nice rocky ,bumpy down hill thats given me problems in the past. I've always went down it white knuckled while riding the brake, with every rock and root sending me to the verge of endoing or kissing a tree. Not today. The bike just seem to absorb the bumps and didn't try to throw me off on the slightest whim. I actually had to use the brake to leave keep the gap for the rider in front of me. Finally, I can use this Clyde weight of mine to an advantage on descents.

It also showed stability in slides. No, I'm not tearing up the dirt. Greenbriar in contrast to So. Md. had quite a bit of snow left. Normally on a 26" when the rear slides the bike tries to kick out from under me, if I don't get a foot down it time, I'm on the ground. On the 29 I slide with the bike and can easily just ride the slide on out and follow my line.

This bikes making me look good.

Last note, not neccessarily about 29's but on Clydes. Don't waste your time or money on V-brakes. It's so nice having brakes that will stop my 240lbs with having to put a deathgrip on the brake levers.



Denis said...

That was me in front of you. I'm thankful you used your brakes :)

Also, your post makes me feel good: 240 lbs! I'm only 218!

Anyway, it was nice to ride with you again.

Denis, blogging at www.superfrenchie.com

Tom said...

I knew who was in front of me. I just didn't wanna broadcast it over the net that it was DENIS who was slowing me down. (That D-E-N-I-S, only 1 "N").

Thats OK. You probly stopped me from hurting myself. Where were you when I needed you at EB.