Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wed 2/23 Thud came in, RR intervals.

UPS came today with my Thudbuster for the 29. I Went ahead and put it on although I haven't gotten in the heavy duty elastomers. You know how it is, I just love putting new parts on the bike.

Tonight I had to get out and get the heart rate up and when you get a new part for the bike it NEEDS to be tested. What better way to test a suspension seatpost than a road ride? I decided I would do my form of intervals on a residential road right behind my house. Its only measured out to 7/10 of a mile but has some hills on it. So there I am 8:15 at night , back and forth, back and forth. I would bust butt one way, take a minute rest, than bust butt the other way. I'm sure I spooked the neighbors. This is So. Md. people aren't accustomed to seeing bikers down here. After about the 5th run past one house, dogs mysteriously appeared. Paranoid SOB's. Just for that I extended my intervals a few more runs than intended. After the intervals I took a short ride down another residential road then back home. Practiced bunny hops a few times in the front yard (practice, practice, practice) and called it a night. 9 miles overall,but good intensity.

The bike was changing into the highest gear in the big chain ring kinda sluggishly. I'll have to look at that tomowrow.

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