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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Losing weight.

Up till the age of 20 I was a fat guy. When I graduated H.S. I was 6'-2-1/2" and 300 lbs. with no where near the muscle mass I have today. Sounds weird but I actually grew a little taller after that. I remember going on diets, eating "healthy" crap foods , and diet sodas. None of it did any good. I was who I was. I guess it was a change in life style back then but the weight started coming off by itself. Well that's the way it seemed. I actually started jogging, mainly cause I was bored in the evenings. I didn't diet during that time just increased activity.

Those early years left their mark on me now. I REFUSE to drink a diet soda and revolt against any form of dieting. Just the taste of artificial sweetners brings back a rush of bad memories.

Now I'm thinking about whats good for MTBing. One thing I can do to help my biking is lose weight. Not necessarily just body fat but also trim down the upper body mass. I've been looking at my diet and for the most part I eat healthy. Sure I splurged on the weekends but its not that bad. The one thing I do over indulge in is my pre bed time snack. It usually consists of a sugar loaded carb (cookies, cake, doghnuts) right before bed. I can't go to bed with an empty belly. It just ain't happening. So I decided to give fruit cocktail a try. It's healthy, no fat, and is'nt on my banned list of diet foods. Will it work, I don't know. Its gotta be better for the teeth atleast. Last night I was 241. Lets see what happens.

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Denis said...

Hey Tom how are you. This is Denis, i ride with you on some of those MORE rides. I like this "losing weight" posting. For me, it seems that the problem is simply... winter: I ALWAYS gain weight at the beginning of the winter, and can't shake it up before the spring no matter what I do.
This time I took about 10 extra pounds between Thanksgving and Xmas (while working out regularly...), and then I started working out an average of 1 hour a day every day since January 1st. The result on March 1 after 60 days/60 hours of this: lost 2 pounds! Yark :(
Good thing March is here. If it's like last year, I should be down those 10 pounds by April 15.
I just concluded that's the way humans have evolved: get and keep some fat for the winter, just like cats with their hair :)
Denis (blogging at superfrenchie.com )