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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tues 2/23 Bunnyhops

Another shameful night. Got home around 7:00, a little earlier than usual. Figured I'd get a good workout on the eliptical. The knee said no. I could have worked through the first five minutes of pain but then I'd be paying for it for the next 3 days. So I lifted last night, I didn't wanna do a ride road down here in redneck heaven. Decided I could pratice some technical skills in the front yard. My main skill focus tonight was bunny hopping. Someguy posted a video on MTBR showing the correct way to do it. I've been doing it wrong. I thought the bunny hop was just throwing your body weight up and lifting the whole bike up at once. No, thats called something else. Of course it is. I can do that . I can't do a bunnyhop. Used my garden hose as a reference and made about 30 tries. 2 of the 30 were actual bunny hops. Not inspiring alot of confidence in myself. I can't get over a 5/8" garden hose. Those 12" logs are going eat me up.

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