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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Figuring what I want to do.Rafting-MTBing

Before I got into MTBing I really had a boring life. It consisted of work, home improvements, and the occasional (very occasional ) weekend outing. I was pretty much happy with this, I don't need alot of stimuli to make me happy.

One thing I did really look foward to were white water rafting trips that my cousins would put togather. We grew up togather as kids and this was a way to get togather. Getting away for a weekend from the family, camping outside, and the rafting made this a much anticipated event. For some reason it hasn't happened in the past 4 years. I guess we got older, and had kids , it became harder to get away.

So I get a call from my cousin today and they're getting another trip togather for early June. The problem is I don't know if I want to go. I'm getting my satisfaction of being outdoors with the MTB'ing. Every weekend ride I hook up with is giving me as much satisfication as those rafting trips. I do like rafting but I like biking more.

The trip is to the New River Gorge/Gauley River in WV. Its around 8 hrs one way. I'd leave on Friday afternoon, raft saturday, then come home Sunday. 16 hours of driving is kinda alot for 1 day of fun and it blows the whole weekend. I'd heard there are some trails out there, but if I took my bike I'd be doing that by myself. I'm the only cousin who's kept in shape with age.
I could see me suggesting to them that we rent bikes after the rafting trip and ride a little.

Hopefully he'll call me back and tell me there booked up so I won't have to decide.


gwadzilla said...

rafting is cool....
not at all like mountainbiking

rafting is a rush... but less of a skill than cycling

when ever I am rafting I look enviously upon the folks in the Kayak
the raft is nearly a passive activity
forced to go down stream
to ride the waves and the current

the kayak can go up stream
hang in the eddy
be controled in the wave

I say go rafting...
but don't stop riding

joe said...

i've done part of the new river, big rapids, but lots of flat water between them... the gauley supposed to be more intense, esp. if your trip is timed to a big release from the dam...

i know there's some riding around there, but i don't know the details... i'd say go for it, life needs variety...