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Monday, February 21, 2005

monday 2/21

More weight lifting. Oh, goody. I'm so freak'n happy. I used to have a purpose for lifting. Make myself as large as possible, paying attention to the "tank top" muscles. This included the arms, chest cleavage (yes there are ways to bench to work the top part of the chest alone), and shoulders. Didn't matter what condition you were in as long as you looked goooooood! I don't care what I look like now, I just want to ride a bike better. Now the weights aren't my friends. They're what I have to do when I can't ride.

Ok, enough of that.

It was a weight night becasue it was raining, I still won't chance the eliptical, and I don't have a trainer. I will get one next season. Tonight was bench press, shoulder pull ups, triceps extensions, lat pull downs, and crunches. Inbetween sets I did alot of leg stretches. The squats are on temporary hold.

I did get to test the new tires I just had put on my truck. It used to slide really bad in the rain. I was leary about letting anyone borrow it when it was wet. The combo of a light rear, V8 power, and crappy tires made her tricky to drive. The new tires are great. No sliding, no hydroplaning. Damn, doesn't take much to make me happy.

I ordered a thudbuster for the 29 today from pricepoint. If your thinking of getting one of these you gotta watch it. I've been seeing them advertised for as low as $69.00. Those are the older models. The newer ones are referred to as 3G. I'm not sure of all the differences but the new ones haves larger rivots. The older ones are probly fine but with my girth I had better not take any chances. I have one on the 26 but its a 31 mm and the new 29's only a 27.
I also ordered the extra heavy duty elastomers that I'm supposed to use on the Thud. When you order the new Thud it only comes with standard elastomers for up to 220lbs. You need to purchase seperately the heavy duty if your over the 220 mark. Once again the biking industry screwing the clyde. Oh, it was 99.00 from pricepoint.


gwadzilla said...

they just don't make parts for us "big guys!"

the thudbuster rocks...

I now have three of them
one on each of my Karate Monkeys
and one old one on my old 26 inch wheel bike....

there was a recall a few years ago
so if you did get an old one
send it back and get a new one....

I am not sure which model was broken
someone sent me word on the recall...
then a week later I broke mine...
just like the recall hads feared

Tom said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only 1 using it. I don't see alot of people on suspension posts.
Then again, I don't alot of hardtails at Greenbriar.