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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Snow Shoveling thur 2/24

So we got some snow today. The weathermen billed it as the largest snow fall of the year which isn't saying much since we havent gotten jack shit so far. So. Md. was originally forcasted as getting it lighter than the DC area. But when I woke up at 6:30 and there was already an inch on the ground I knew that had changed. Luckily with the warm temps of last week the roads were in good shape. The farther north I drove to work the better they got. Got home and of course the driveway's covered with 5" of snow. Out comes the shovel and to work I go. 160' of driveway. I could of took the lazy way and waited for it to melt tomowrow but I've got the wife and kids to worry about. For some reason they haven't mastered the fine art of walking on ice while under the influence of gravity.

Tonights workout.
In the basement to the weights. The snow shoveling must have tooken its toll more than I thought. I ran out of gas pretty fast. Tried the slow method of lifting tonight.
Bench press, lat pull down, seated row, and should pull ups. After that I only had enough energy for 1 set of vanity satisfying curls.

I'm been noticing more fatigue and muscle soreness the days after working out. I read on MTBR that L-Glutamine is a good supplement to help that. I think I'm going to start taking some and see how it works.

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