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Thursday, February 10, 2005

No Riding

I'm trying to get out of work early so I can meet Wayne up by his place to do some RR at Patapsco. Get a call about 1:30 from my guys at work. They're having troubles installing a door downtown. Shit, I know the rides off now. I gotta run down there and there's no way I'm getting to Waynes in time. Hoped maybe I'd get back in time and do the ride at Wakefield. It gets called off 10 minutes before I get ready to leave. Ok, its a sign. Stay late at work and finish some paperwork up.

Get home at 8:00. Drop my truck off at the local tire dealership so they can put new rubber on it first thing in the morning. Wires are starting to show through one of the front tires. I plan on heading to Front Royal on Saturday and don't want to chance a blowout.

Get back home and hit the eliptical. For those of you that don't know what an eliptical is, its a machine that more or less imitates the motion you get while standing and pedaling on a bike, with the addition of handles that you move back and forth. I stopped using the handles when I started MTBing so its just a leg workout. My particular model is the blue collar version. Don't ever buy a piece of equipment that uses 4 D cell batteries as a power source. After a few months of use and sweating, the batteries work loose and it would sporadically lose power. On one session months ago, it lost power while I was watching the calorie/distance display. This pissed me off so I did what I normally do in these situations. I hit something. The victim this time was the digital display head. As a result I can no longer change the magnetic resistance setting. Luckily it was setting 7 (1 being the easiest, 10 the hardest ). I did get a DC converter and hardwire it into the display head so cut offs are no longer a problem. The piece of junk should have been built with one anyway. Did I mention that it would also sporadically switch to the pulse detection mode for no reason. So I disabled that (half the time it didn't give the correct reading). Do me a favor and don't ever buy PROFORM junk.

I'm not sure how good of a work out the eliptical gives me but its better than nothing. I sweat alot and the quads feel tight when I'm done.

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