Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Do I have to give every entry a title?

After realizing that everybody else is doing alot more riding than me, evan if its just road rides, I decided last night to get out on the road. Don't get impressed to quickly. Only came out to 8 miles. I really hate road riding in my area. I live right off of a major road (Rt.5). The roads to the developments close by me are smaller roads with no shoulders and they don't go back real far. Down here people are always driving some distance to get somewhere else, so everbody speeds. They usually slow down though for the favorite So.Md. pastime of , "lets bean the biker with a beer bottle". Well it hasn't happened yet, but its just a matter of time.

Got home at 7:30 ,rest 20 minutes, than gear up for my first official night road ride. Really uneventful except for the dogs. I think its an unwritten law here is So.Md. that after sunset you put your dog outside and let it run loose to protect your belongings that you have set out on your front lawn ("Bygodcapt'n, I paid good money for that there fake deer) . In the 2 1/2 miles to the end of my selected route I got chased by 4 dogs. No real threat, just irritating as shit. They don't like having having a 20watt halogen lamp shined in there eyes. Maybe it was just there way of helping me keep the pace up.

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Your Name Here said...

Don't worry Tommy. I hate road rides too. I did too much of it years ago. Jason's been giving me grief to get my ass in gear to build up my road bike. I haven't finshed it yet even though I've got all the parts for it. Maybe next weekend. ;)

Hang in there, buddy. The trails are coming back to us. I saw your post today about Rosaryville.