Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I'm lucky in the weight lifting area as I've got about all the equipment and room for working the upper body. I've got a full unfinished basement to myself. The wife asks me when I'm going to finish it off. I'm not. I like the rought look of insulation, wires, and pipes. Plus if anything breaks, I can find it easier. The only drawback is 7 1/2" ceiling joists. When I do the overhead press I gotta make sure I'm in between joists.

Last night was a weight night. Since reading the "training bible" I've changed the way I've been lifting. I'm lucky in that I believe I already have plenty of upper body strength for Mtbing. In fact I think I'm going to work on reducing some of my upper body mass. I've always lifted the way that bodybuilders lift. Keepings the reps between 8-12. For MTB training you raise the reps up to 20. Actually made alot of sense. I've been focusing mostly on the legs. Holding 60lb dumbbells and squatting. I don't think its enough weight, I've been getting to 25 reps before fatigue. I'm leary about loading a bar and holding it over my shoulders though. With my knee I've got to keep it in control.

This weather is tearing me apart. Yesterday I think it got up to 60 degrees. You walk outside and you wanna ride, but anything not on pavement is a mess. Maybe I'm not hard core enough. Damn the mud!, just ride.

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