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Friday, February 11, 2005

My first encounter with MORE.

I'd been at it about a month. Knew my way around Cedarville pretty good now, didnt need a map anymore. I found the MORE site off of MTBR (once I get better with the blogging I'll figure out how to do actual links to the names). Saw where they had group rides but didn't want to impose my current riding style (slow, took alot of breaks, and ran into trees) on strangers. Read about the work they had just finished at Rosaryville and decided I should try that place.

I'm finishing up my first official loop at Rosaryville which had just kicked my butt. Damn hills just kept coming and there are logs on the trail! Why didn't somebody move those? I still pretty much have the same equipment I did as when I started, although I did splurge for a cage and water bottle. It was that or drink outta the creeks. There are 4 guys looking like they just finished in the parking lot (yeah, they were real bikers, they had the tight funny shorts).

The tall one comes over as I'm packing it up and starts talking to me. Asking me how I like the trails and then starts telling me how I should be wearing a helmet. (Oh great, a "safety" nut). I tell him yeah, I know I just havent bought one yet. Then he does something that totally blows me away. He goes into his van and pulls a helmet out and trys to give it to me, for free, no strings attached! In one instant he goes from safety nut to a really cool guy that doesn't want to see anyone hurt (that or he saw me ride and knew I really did need one). He didn't know me from Adam and probaly would never see me again but was trying to give me something. Totally self-less.

Turned out the tall guy was Scott Scudmore, the president of MORE. I could see why he was the president. The others were Todd-Rosaryville Liason, Ricky D and his brother Jay (Jay , what happened to you?). I talked a little that evening with Scott and Todd, and decided if most bikers were like that, it might be kinda fun to try one of their group rides.

FYI- I declined Scotts offer on the helmet, he might run into somebody that really couldn't afford one and could really use it. I did buy one the next day. I can't say its saved my life (yet), but it protected this noggin from many encounters with trees that couldn't stay on their side of the trail.

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