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Sunday, February 20, 2005

More on Cedarville

I don't know what they're doing out their but it pissed me off yesterday. I'm on the blue loop yesterday which is the most technical out there. By technical I mean it has the only logs hops in the park, 2 by my last count, the most root gardens, and the muddiest. I'm passing by the archery practice area and noticed they've cut across the trail with some big machinery. A few hundred yards later the trail ends completely in a clear cut area that was about an 1/8 mile wide. No signs, no warning , nothing. Now what? I thought about hiking across the clear cut and trying to find where the trail continued but there could have been a couple of switch backs in there. So I backtrack and end up taking Forest Rd. Back to the orange trail. So much for doing the whole park in the one huge loop.

Cedarville isn't much compared to alot of the other Md. parks, but its where I started and its good for when I want to get some mileage in without busting butt. It's the perfect place to bring a beginner. Not alot of climbing and alot of places to bail to the pavement. The big drawback to it in the summer are the bugs. Before a helmet was part of my gear I learned fast to carry a can of Off with me. You don't stop for long there before the bugs are on your ass.

Before I got this racing bug, I thought about leading some beginner rides out there. I still might.

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