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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Revisiting an old friend-Cedarville

So after going home and sleeping for 6 hours during the afternoon I'm feeling much better. I thought I was catching everyone else's cold but this thing seemed to pass over night.

I left for my shop this morning with the intention of loading the bike and heading to Greenbriar for the MORE (by now they should called PeterBeers) casual ride. I was looking to foward more to riding with the group than actually riding Greenbriar. This would be the first ride since injuring the knee and its only 90% normal. Greenbrier is still on my challenging list. I finally decided I was going to do what I should do over what I wanted to do (Damn, I sound like my Dad). Skip Greenbriar and get some miles in at Cedarville.

Worked for a few hours than hit Cedarville around 2:00. Plan was to give the knee a light workout and get some of that "base" training started. Ended up with only 15 miles in about 1:40 ride time. Pretty good for a start. I don't take alot of breaks when I'm by myself. Maybe thats why I have more fun riding with others.

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Your Name Here said...

Hope the knee is doing better. I could have used some flatter miles. Greenbrier put the spanking on me bigtime.

Take it easy.