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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'm going to do a race.

Not that I expect to do anything, but its motivation to start some real riding again.
The 1st race I ever did was a 12 hour-3 man relay race at Quantico marine base.
I answered an "AD" from a guy named Brad on the MORE  site.
We ended up finishing 3rd in the beginner category...Go team.
This was waaaaay back, atleast 5 years ago, maybe more.

So he emails me outta the blue and wants to know if I wanna be the 3rd member of his team for the 9 hour relay race at Rocky Gap State park. 
I'm not going to lie.  I'm in the crappiest shape I've been in 3 years. But hey I can do a 9 mile lap then repeat 90 minutes later.
Plus if I remember correctly, Brad was the slow guy back then and I doubt he's gotten alot  faster.
The race is May 5th.  2 months is plently of time to get in just good enough shape where I could pull laps faster than Brad and not be the "slow" guy.

Health news.
-Knee-so far this year it hasn't given me any problems.  I'm pretty sure its because I haven't done a damn thing  to stress it.  I'm worried that once I up my riding intensity, it'll go out.  We'll see.
-Shoulder- Its been 12 weeks since surgery. I had another follow up this morning.  Doc said I could resume all normal activities.  He told me that since the repair wasn't done completely If I try to go heavy with the weightlifting it'll hasten the deterioration of the shoulder and step up how quickly I'd need to go to the next step. (joint replacement.).
-weight- don't really care but about 225.

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