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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Shakedown ride part deux

Met Randy and Paul for an easy ride at the Rose for a last ride and to check out the bike.
Dennis S. showed up too.  He's also doing the 100 this weekend.
Bike worked great.
Shows that shimano makes one cheap ring that only last a couple of months.
With the exception of Paul (who is not racing) we were all riding like a bunch of amateurs.
None of us wanted to chance either screwing up ourselves or the bikes.
Half way through I said " Maybe we should all just walk back to cars".
Randy evan carried his bike over one  of the stream crossings so he wouldn't get his brakes wet.
Set the tent up in the house to air it out and to make sure the mice hadn't gotten to it.
In to work for a few hours tomorrow, back home and cut my grass than a little shopping and final packing for the weekend.

Finally, I didn't think this weekend would ever get here.
I'm hoping for a 12.5 finish.  I'm not taking it easy this year.  I'm not going out total race pace, but I'm also not going to be treating this like a long ride. 
If I'm not resting, I'm cranking it hard.
Remember to eat and drink.

This is better than Christmas.

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.....well? I'm slacking too.