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Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend update 6-6-11

Friday- went into the shop and worked, I owed them a day since I was off Memorial day. I also needed some supplies and they guilt me into working when I come in there on Friday afternoon.
I picked up a bracket that attaches to your seatpost for holding extra waterbottles (roadie thing). Thats in anticipation of those long road rides I'm going to do. Also told Chris to special order me some new shoes. I'm tired of those old, over priced Sidis with the velcro that doesn't evan hold anymore. Going with Shimano m161, extra wide. Of course the shop doesn't stock any of the extra wides.

My daughter had her last lacrosse game of the season so I played good daddy and went to that. Its a good thing I did. They had their first and only win of the season. She's one of the fastest runners out there and I gotta admit I feel a little proud when I see her out run the other players. She's like here daddy though, she hasn't built up her endurance yet. She's a sprinter.

After the game I went to St.Mary's lake in St.Marys county for something different.
Its a 7.5 mile loop around a lake. Down there in the sticks you'd think it would be an easy loop.
Not necessarily. Every hill, rather up or down your fighting roots. This had got to be the rootiest trail I've ever been to. Its a good place to hone your MTB skills. Kinda reminds me of Gambrills without the big climbs. You can't just "ride" your bike. Constantly up off the saddle fighting to keep momentum over the roots.
I did 3 laps out there for about 2:45 of training value.

My Birthday. I'm 46, on my way to 50. Most of the guys I ride with are older than me so birthdays don't bother me anymore. As long as I can keep riding, I'm happy.
Nothing big today. Had an easy ride with the OHB crew @ Cedarville which was good cause the legs were more fried from Saturday than I thought.

Stopped by the shop afterwards and picked up a few more things, little b-day presents to myself. Nothing big, a new computer for the MTB, some tubes, cages, and few gels.

My eldest daughter made me a cake with a little MTB theme, which was neat.
Picts will be posted as soon as I can get my wife to email me the pict from her i-phone.


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