Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Starting out June

Severe thunderstorms. Since when is the weatherman right.
Got to the Rose and did a lap with interior, heard thunder off in the distance and had a few showers happen. As heavy as the canopy is right now, barely any of the trail got wet.
I meet Laure, Sue, and Dennis at the trailhead after I finish my lap.
They're getting ready to go out, but are looking nervously at the sky.
They decide to wait to see what happens, I've been watching it do this for the past 30 minutes so take off on my own for a 2nd lap.
15 minutes in it really starts to pour and the trees aren't holding it back anymore.
15 minutes after that I start to hear something bouncing off of my helmet.
I called this one wrong.
It did stop though as I made it back to the truck, and 4 miles south of the park, it hadn't evan rained.

I got my training in though.
20+ miles for an after work ride on trail is pretty good.

The scale showed i lost another .5 pound last night, this was after purposely stuffing myself with water to re-hydrate.
Its a bitch trying to train hard without losing weight.


Chris said...

Weight weenie. You'll be fine man. I see a sub 14 hour SM in your future. After Iron Hill its SM focus time. You up for Todd Lake ?

Tom said...

You forget awfully quick. Last year you beat my best time by "1" minute.
I was 13:0? in 09.
Todd lake sometime this summer, mid june I"m not sure about.

Chris said...

Yea yea yea. I'm 10lbs lighter now and I have been commuting daily since the week after the SM last year.......will see. Who DNF'd last year?

Chris said...