Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend update-5-16-11

1st, as the missing post goes.
I did get out on the bike and thoroughly enjoyed myself although I had mis-haps.
Am I back? I don't think so.

Got off work around 2. Went home and scrubbed the deck.
That fucked up water sealer that I thought was OK after sitting around for 5 years turned out to be shit. It just sat on the wood turning the deck into a sticky/slick mess.
I don't know how you can be slick and sticky at the same time, but it was.
I spent a good 4 hours scrubbing at it with a floor cleaner (sodium hydroxide).
Turns out the water seal is nothing but a wax based solution.
Sounds like the same crap I buy to lube my bike chains.

Wifes graduation.
She got her masters in something....I can't remember what.
I spent all morning and some of the afternoon at the Comcast center in college park watching her and 500 other people get degrees.
(That's right, I married up outta my class)
I spent rest of the evening excavating, building the form, and pouring the concrete pad for my deck stairs.
Used an on-line calculator to figure out how many bags of concrete I'd need. It said I'd need 5-1/2, so I bought 7. It still wasn't enough. I was 3/4" short of the top of the form.

-went to meet the guys at Cosca (in Clinton) for ride. Too wet, so we cancelled.
-picked up 3 more bags of concrete and finished pouring my stair pad. Had 1 bag left over. Who wants 60lb bag of sand/concrete mix? You pick it up you can have it.
-2nd childs lacrosse tournament for a few hours.
-Cut my mothers grass.
-Back home and cleaned up the construction site.

Thats it. Another whole weekend and I managed to get zero riding in.
Not evan the trainer.

Good news is with all the work I'm doing the weight is still coming off.
Was down to 212 the other night.


Anonymous said...

...............road bike?

Tom said...

the road bike is dirty...
..no computer
..my feet hurt
..afraid of cars
..I thought it was going to rain
Pick any excuse.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Be under 100 days here shortly sir.

Anonymous said...

Thats ok.
I've got a 3 month training program that I've heard works wonders.

Anonymous said...

Stepped on the scale yesterday night 168.5lbs......