Just 99 miles to go

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I got out.

I did it. I say that like it's an accomplishment.
I did a half lap at the Rose and than had to bail.
I felt good, was really enjoying the ride.
It didn't feel like I'd been off for almost 3 weeks.

Doc rode up as I was starting my lap, so I rode with him.
Half way through the inner loop he breaks his rear de hanger.
We rig it SS and take the road back.
I'd never seen anyone have any luck rigging a bike as a SS before, but we did a pretty good job.
It didn't jump off once the whole way back.
That was a first for me.
I wonder if it was because it was Niner?
I'm wondering now if we could have at least finished the lap out.
Oh well, he was wining anyway about how steep the gearing was we had it in.
Middle ring, #8 cog on the cassette.
In sympathy, I put mine in the same combo and left it there.
The things I do for my friends.

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