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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend wrap-up 4-11-Just waiting

Friday-got alot of rain in the afternoon/evening. Not only did this make no riding Friday night but screwed up any trail riding I wanted to do Saturday. Got me an hour on the trainer Friday night and 2 hours Saturday afternoon.

Sunday-Trail work at Cosca in Clinton. Not much excitement here. Worked for 3 hours on an easy re-route than went for an exploratory ride with Austin and ranger Chris. No training value, other than honing my ability to ride in jeans. I didn't expect to have the energy to ride after the work, hence the lack of shorts.

Sunday night my knee expressed its displeasure with the trailwork and riding. It woke me up atleast 6 times throbbing with pain, and this was with a couple of the pain killers right before bed.
I hope the doc calls soon and schedules those injections.

The weight was at 218 sunday night.

I'm almost afraid to look back at last years Aprils entries and see what I was doing.
I've probly already done a few centuries by now.

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