Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, March 06, 2011

That time of year.

Days are getting and warmer.
I'm starting to get that itchy feeling that I wanna be back on the bike.
I use the blog to see what I was doing this time last year, thats when I realized my idea of giving up the blog would suck for me of keeping track of stuff.

In case your wondering whats been going on over the last 6MONTHS since my last post.
-I tried downhilling (October '10). Went to 7 springs, rented a DH bike and rode the lift up. Not really my thing. It was OK, but not worth the drive (Almost 4 hours 1 way).
-2 weeks after the DH trip my arthritic knee decides to go out on me. Coincidence? Another reason not to try downhilling again.
-had surgery end of December so Doc could scope my knee and see whats going on. His verdict-knee is worse than he thought, will have to try more agressive treatments, maybe think harder about total knee replacement if the treatments don't work.
-after a 2 month vacation from the bike shop, I'm back there 2 nights a weeks. I did miss the idiots I work with and working on bikes. Just in time for me to get
-the last two weeks I've finally been able to ride without paying for it during the night with shooting pains in the knee. Will I be able to fore-go a knee replacement this year and ride? Time will tell.

So Saturday I go to the Rose. I haven't been on a good MTB ride that will push the knee for a few months. The knee did good, during and after. The bike pissed me off though.
I did the amateur thing, replaced a real worn chain without any other parts of the drive train.
No good. It skipped when under any load. So I've got a new middle ring on order (Can I get an "AMEN" for the bike shop discount).

I'm going to go a few more weeks, get some harder rides in and see how it goes.
Do I sign up for the sm100 again, just so I don't end my endurance career with a DNF?
Do I evan feel like?

On the health front- #220. Pretty good for coming into a season.

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Anonymous said...

Your Alive! I am planning on doing the 100. I'd like to turn in under a 11:30 this year. I was cramping badddd last year.