Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

32 days out from the SM100.

After last weeks events I wasn't sure that I'd still do the race but there's no good reason not to.
I didn't wanna go there but I guess I can be a downer for one more post....
Wherever my dads at I'm sure he's watching and he'll be watching me race, even if it is in back of the pack. Just more incentive for me to do better.

Ok, enough of that.

I did get out to the Rose Sunday morning. I got out there early enough to get a lap in and then meet up with Doc and the crew @ 9:30. I was burnt out from the events of the past few days and looking forward to a lone ride in the woods.
Pull the bike out and somethings wrong with the front wheel, out of true bad.
At 1st it looked like broken spoke, then saw the flange had snapped off of the nipple.
Just great.
I knew it was pointless but for the hell of it I started digging through the truck for parts.
Well I did have my toolbag with me today.....dug through that and found a spoke WITH nipple in the bottom of the bag.
Son-of-bitch! I finally catch a break.
Fixed it up in about 15 minutes.
I got my lap in but I was too late getting back to catch the guys for the start of theirs.
I did a 2nd and caught them at the trailhead before they left.
21 miles of moderate paced single track.
Nope, thats not going to help at the race but better than nothing.

I've got a pre-ride of part of the course planned in 2 weeks.
That should let me know, a little anyways, of how I stand fitness wise.
I don't have the faintest idea of how my legs will react to a 4 mile climb or how the body will feel after 6+ hours in the saddle.

Shit, I'd hate to DNF again.


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ChrisJ said...

You ever see a black guy on a Lynsky up at the Rose? Buddy of mine who moved up from Mississipi. ToShaun give him a hollar if you see him.